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Screwing around with a co-hosted site, I totally crushed the mysql database beyond recognition. Then I realized all sites on this server are in the same mysql database. THEN I tried to remember when my last backup had been. Finally, I fortunately found a backup from the migrate to Unfortunately, I had to do a massive rebuild. Sites will return as I am able to rebuild the, but for the AC community I prioritized this one. Enjoy.


Looting with GearFoundry

Q: How do I make GearFoundry pick up X? A: It's complicated. Abbreviations: GF = GearFoundry GI = Gear Inspector 0. Turn on Gear Inspector


AetherFilter is a CharacterFilter and WorldFilter replacement for Decal that is required for GearFoundry v2.x to function. Expect updates to AetherFilter as additional addons are developed and GearFoundry is debugged.

AetherFilter requires Decal to function.

Source code is available on GitHub. No, it is not fully debugged.

Most Current Version:

Patch notes:

Improved interactions with GearFoundry.
Added updates to support development of Marionette.

Octagram 1.5

Distances converted to vector distance calcs by Virindi Inquisitor.
Additional minor tweaks by Virindi Inquisitor.

1. Installer should now prompt for a path when executed.
2. Updated Summoning Skill Calculation to include Society Armor Bonuses.
3. @og debug
New command will show step by step calculation of summoning skill to assist users in determining if they have a bonus to summoning which is being missed by the calculation.

Kill Tasks Updated XML

Updated KillTasks.xml with some base files for tracking rynthid quests. The following caveats apply.

Octagram v1.2

Octagram v1.2 has the following features.

It requires VVS. Get the Virindi Bundle here.

Octagram requires the most recent version of Decal. Get it here. Currently


Swanky manual courtesy of Mishna.

Kudos to Mishna for the manual. It's all her handiwork, give her a big thanks.

Gear Foundry Alpha

.pdf available below.


Octagram: Summoning Addon

Octagram improvements are coming soon. Any updates will be posted in decaldev forums when posted.

Oh - during install, it doesn't let me chose a directory or anything, it 'configures' itself. -Shojimbo1

"Greatest Thing for Summon since... Summon! Its so good i slapped my Grandma!" -shriva

"Good luck with little Irquk!" -Ba‘al Zəbûb

"Anyway to make other minions not set it off?" -shriva

"Could you make it select elemental types like Vtank?" -Anonymous


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