GearFoundry is a multi-functional interface enhancement Decal addon for Asheron's Call.

Installation instructions:

1.  Download and install AetherFilter (below).  Atherfilter is required for GearFoundry to function.

2.  Download and install GearFoundry (below).  

3.  A manual is provided (below) to answer most questions about the modules in GearFoundry. Update

Salvaging rules properly identify salvage items on GDLE Emulators. Update

Salvage combining now works properly in Foundry.

Given the L1 nature of GDLE servers, "Loot L7 Scrolls" option changed to "Loot Scrolls."  Foundry will not vacuum up those cheap spells for you. Update

Another day, more GDLE compatibility.  Now really does loot unknown scrolls for your spell schools and read them. Update

GDLE Hax.  GearFoundry Kill Task Tracker is functional again. Update

Action Hud/Worm Gear no longer attempts to auto-buy trade notes after selling salvage or buying spell components.

Quality of life upgrades.

1.  General settings menu converted to a list.  All settings can now be read and interacted with.

2.  Added VTank Interleaving on General Settings. Enabling this setting will disable Foundry when VTank is active to stop action clashing and Foundry will be re-enabled when VTank is disabled to allow Foundry to be used.

1.  Now correctly identifies virindi caches as chests for looting.

2.  Fixed a graphics bug with the remote with the new VTank Interleaving.